Rated 10 out of 10 on Leap Local by Canadian travel author, Kirsten Koza. Saul Ceron, tour leader for PERU BIKING TOURS, scores excellent in overall experience, value for money and in social and eco awareness
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PERU BIKING TOURSis a specialized tour operator offering downhill and cross country mountain biking tours in Peru. From the desert and the coastal area, to the Peruvian highlands, the cloud forest and the Peruvian jungle; all mountain bike expeditions offer an authentic, unique, exciting and adventurous experience. Our main goal is that you have a great mountain bike adventure with us in Peru, discovering the unique natural and cultural places that Peru has to offer with beautiful landscapes surrounded by pure nature.
PERU BIKING TOURS have compiled a list of bicycle tours in Peru. If you are interested in any of these mountain biking tours, cross country or downhill mountain biking, just contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible.
DAKAR TOUR 2013 - BE PART OF THE 2013 RACE - DISCOVER PERU ARGENTINA CHILE Peru will be part of the adventurous international off-road competition DAKAR 2013 and Peru Biking Tours will organize the Dakar Tour again this year. The Dakar tour 2013 will start in Lima, the capital city of Peru and ends up in Santiago de Chile. After our first Dakar experience in 2012, Peru Biking Tours is sure to be the best prepared and adventurous tour operator across Peru, Argentina and Chile. Read more information
Mountain Biking Peru Biking Peru Jungle
Mountain Biking Peru
Mountain Biking Peru Mountain Biking Peru
PERU BIKING TOURS has compiled a list of biking tours in Peru. If you are interested in any of these mountain bike tours, send us an e-mail to perubikingtourss@hotmail.com. We also organize trips with shorter daily legs staying at cabins, hotels and inns eating at restaurants.


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Mountain Bike

WELCOME TO PERU - Land of the Incas.
WELCOME TO PERU BIKING TOURS - An amazing world to discover by bike.

Everything you need to know before traveling to Peru could be found on this website. For further information or to book a tour, please send us an e-mail to perubikingtourss@hotmail.com or leave a telephone message or visit us at our local offices and we will attend to it cordially.


We specialize in promoting new routes and destinations ´off the beaten path´ while protecting natural and cultural resources from over-exploitation. We work harmoniously with Tour Operators, Guides, Hotels, Bus Companies and Airlines in each city of Peru, all of them certified and guaranteed to provide our clients and organized groups with the necessary services. Our distinction is to accomplish our trips with smaller, intimate groups, particularly with the adventurous activities such as Trekking, Climbing, Mountain Biking, White River Rafting, Horseback Riding, ATV Tours.
Peru Camping Shop's vision is to inspire, equip and support all challenge travelers to experience the great outdoor renting our best camping, climbing, hiking, biking and topographic maps of different routes to drive, hike or cycling through the desert, the highlands and low lands of Peru.
We offer our services to Corporate and Retail segment and have many clients, including other travel companies. We are focused on providing our guests the best of our work, our country, our nature and of course our culture. We invite you to visit Peru into a whole new experience.

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